10 New hot wheels track set for kids in India

When kids are in their preschool stage, they want some fun, friends and enjoyment in their life so, for that parents buy them some good fun toys and allow them to go and play with their friends. Many toys are there in the list but hots wheels are always the first choice and preferred by the children to play with.

Hot wheels are thrilling while playing and also teach some lessons like how to handle loss and how to make a strategy to win? And some other activities include which opens kids’ minds and makes them think in a wider way. 

Here is the list of top 10 hot wheels tracks which are preferred for your kids;

1) Crisscross clash hot wheel track:

This hot wheelset is at the number one position in our list because it has four tracks so you can place 4 cars at a time and your four friends can compete with each other which provides endless hours of fun and also unlimited crashes on each other’s vehicle.

Those who love races and destruction will surely love this and this also provides entertainment and crash after crash. The first push of the launcher was so powerful that it pushed the cars and the rest of the work was done by gravity and track. 

2) Superspeed blast way hot wheel track:

This simple two-way track set will provide from the youngest toddlers to the parents everyone can enjoy this game. This track provides a chance for the kids to compete with each other and the pop-up end line flag will declare who is the winner.

The track which is given with this can be slotted in any other hot wheel track, this makes it more value for money and also its durability makes it tougher so you can ignore its broken headache.  

3) Builder system race crate hot wheel track:

One of our premium choice of track which comes into pieces so you can make any type of track and varieties as you want maximum up to 8 feet track. The set is also possible to create exciting stunts like mega jumps and drag races. These tracks allow you to create endless types of tracks by brilliant imagination inspired by adults and kids.

4) Corkscrew crash track set:

The little racers who love race and speed will love this, it has three loops and three crash zones, but they also have three motorized speed launchers to keep the car in a moving position. The kids will enjoy the cars while going through the loop and this can be joined to other hot wheels for more fun. Kids love fast action so it has three high-speed launchers and is also easy to assemble. It has a measured size up to 4.2*24*15 inches.

5) Hot wheel versus track set:

As from the name you get which kind of track it is gonna be. Including two hot wheels, toys can be sure to have a head to head versus race. It is easy to snap pieces into the places and can also be attached in other tracks to have more thrill. 

It will also work as a standalone, and you can make side by side or one on one races. It can be possible to take a video of crashes and loops to show to your friends and have some showoff. 

6) Spin storm hot wheel track set:

While racing is fun for kids, crashing and smashing is the other fun that kids are not getting enough of any time. Cars are sent off from one of two launchers and spin around until they enter one of the three crash zones. A trap door will allow this set to be connected to other sets so kids can make their dream path track. Noisy smashing cars make loud noises and it makes some more fun.

7) Turbo takeover hot wheels tracks:

These massive takeover turbo sets are five times faster than other sets and kids can be allowed to have innovative, exciting, stands. These track launchers are powerful enough to make the hot wheels cars push to get the maximum speed, and it allows everyone whether its child or youngsters to enjoy.

8) Hot wheel builder stunt box:

This box comes with 35 pieces of expansion track which provides hours of fun and unlimited possibilities of loops, jumps, crashes and race. This is great for beginners who want to experiment and want to make a complex and entertaining race track.

9) Turbo race set hot wheel track set:

This turbo hot race set can give you a chance to put your speed skills and challenge your friend and see who can burn the race track with their speed. You can feel like your favourite F1 race for a short period but it will be enjoyable and useful. 

Some of these include speed launchers and real-life finish flags which makes it more real and finish flags puts the break on the debate of who wins and make respectful decisions of the winner. 

10) Stunt n go hot wheel track set:

 A massive set that should be the part of every hot wheel collection set, stunt n go set can hold 19 vehicles and 4 different levels of unrivalled speed race tracks. The track can be expanded from both the front and back to make it more complex. Even without batteries, the stunt n go set can provide hours of unlimited fun with the speed. 

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