5 Best Kids Pretend Toys Online

Pretend and play means where children use objects, ideas, and actions to represent other objects, ideas and actions. Childs assume them as another character like; superheroes, doctors, firefighters or another character which they like. That’s why this is also known as imaginative play, creative play or fantasy play. 

This is the age when they go out to play and Pretend play begins at the age of 2 to 3 years because they see other persons in their profession and they want to be like them so this type of playset helps them to live the same life as they want to be and see other persons. 

 Pretend to play is the thinking skill so the child has to pretend that the thing is there or invisible things.

Children pretend objects in other forms (the box is the bed).

Children assume something invisible as( there is a dog near a doll, etc.).

Children attribute properties to objects like( tea is hot, or teddy is sleeping, etc).

So while playing their minds get some stress and their skills will out while playing and their mind will become sharper and they know new things every time.

Here is some pretend playset which you can buy online for your child:

1) Doctor medical set/kit:

This medical pretend playset kit is best for the child in the early learning stage. Each set includes different types of tools that kids can pretend to be dentists, doctors, and nurses. Contains scissors, stethoscope, plastic carry case, etc. to feel like a real doctor and teach your kids about the importance of feeling well, and checking up while being a doctor and giving prescriptions to patients is more fun for children than we think. This can be carried anywhere so your child can play with it indoor, outdoor, on holidays the child can be busy playing with this and you can have fun with your family members. 

2) Kitchen pretend playset:

This super kitchen pretends playset is all for children to cook their recipes in their kitchen. It contains some cookware utensils and other kitchen accessories. This playset involves kids in highly playful activities which is beneficial for them with lots of fun. It provides imaginative play and introduces kids to the daily household kitchen chores. It is lightweight so the child can easily handle it and also made with a high quality of material so no tension is broken.

3) cosmetics and makeup playset:

This playset includes almost everything for realistic makeup shops and they can pretend a role and have hours of fun with their friends. Helps to develop their self-confidence, regulating emotions, imagination, creative minds, eye contact and also speaking skills. This pretends playset does not contain real cosmetics to apply on skin, only pretend to be applied and have fun with little ones. 

4) cash register playset in multi colours:

Perfect to be used as a pretend cashier and having a restaurant, shop, company and having sales and purchase and have endless fun. Childs loves to imitate as their parent’s os having cash is like to be one of them, so this set includes some fake notes, coins, bills and a credit card swipe machine. You can teach your children the value of your currency and how to count them, use them and save them for future reference, and have fun by owning the family business.

We have extensively tested that they meet the safety regulations of toys and dont hurt children while playing and also use high-quality material for making toys.

5) Toy fruit basket pretend playset:

This fruit basket playset is an excellent toy for children. It introduces a mini fruit to the kids and having fun with them like chopping, and distributing equally to all family members. You can teach your child things using these toys like the benefits of different fruits and where they come from or their colours, etc. all pieces are perfectly sized as the little hands to grasp. This improves your child’s imaginative skills while gaining some knowledge about natural things. 

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