6 Best Toys to improve Baby Brain Development 2021

As soon as the baby is born, where on one side the hymns of joy start reverberating in the family, on the other hand, other stuff starts filling every nook and corner of your house. These days, if a relative or close friend comes to meet you, then they bring a game for the child along with them. Take yourself, don’t you, whenever you go to the market, you must have bought some toys for your baby. These toys are also very cute but at the same time as a mom, you should also know that there are some unique toys in this crowd of toys that prove to be very helpful in promoting the brain development of your baby. Today we are going to tell you about some such special types of toys in this blog that are not only active in brain development but also increase the analytical power of the baby.

Which toys develop the brain capacity of a 0-12-month-old baby? /Toys for Babies Brain Development

Do you know that according to a study, about 80 percent of the brain of the baby is developed by the age of 2 years? According to this research, when a child is 5 years old, then his brain is fully developed. A stable diet and nutrition are certainly the biggest givers to brain development, but along with that some toys can perform an active role in your baby’s brain development

Play Gym With Lights & Music – These toys are very useful for a child of 0-1 years. Baby gyms and playmats are also very popular and can be easily found everywhere. If you want, you can also buy this toy online. Many beautiful colors are used in it. The specialty of this toy is that the child gets acquainted with different colors and shapes and enhances brain development. Sitting in the playmats, your kids can easily see the surroundings and play. 

Baby stroller: – This toy can prove to give great results mainly for babies of 3 months to 6 months. The different colors used in it enhance the visual power of your child. The biggest thing is that your child is busy playing with it and you can also deal with your work with it.

Musical Soft Toys – This toy is perfect for babies from 3 months to 1 year old. When your baby turns 3 months old, he starts recognizing the things around him and shows his interest in them too. Musical toys, as well as moving toys, can attract your baby more. Not only this, seeing the activities of these toys, they can also get excited to walk. You can also do a couple of experiments with this toy. Put the toy a little away from the child and then encourage them to recognize the sound.

Hanging Mobile-  COT mobile can prove to be very beneficial for a 0-4-month-old baby. With their help, your child’s hearing and seeing power increase. After seeing these, your child tries to catch them. 

Ball Pull- This toy can prove to be a lot of fun for babies above 6 months. When your baby is 6 months old, they start sitting. Colorful balls are very attractive to the child. It boosts physical activity when your child picks up and throws the ball. It also boosts the motor skills of the child. It would be better if the surrounding kids also get involved in this game.

Puppet Books – Puppet toys and books can be a great option for babies above 6 months. These can prove to help increase your child’s interest in reading books. If you tell funny stories to your child with Puppet Books, their inquisitive instincts can grow further.

Apart from this, there are some other toys which can prove to be very useful for your child. For example, take the puzzle ball itself. A ball is formed by attaching different-sized parts to it. The child will also enjoy playing and their vision will also develop. Baby Bouncer is also one such toy whose music, rattles, and lights in it, your baby’s brain development and they start recognizing sounds too. That is, the next time you go to get a toy for your child, decide in advance whether playing with it will also develop your child.

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