6 Crawling Toys For Your Baby Online in India

Crawling is the achievement that babies achieve in the month between 9 to 12 and this is the important physical movement that babies do in their pre-period and some kids skip crawling and direct moving forward to walking. Play will help your little ones to be a toddler and achieve the physical milestone and other social, communicative and cognitive milestones and also make bonding with the mom and dad. 

To encourage your child to crawl you can put their favourite toy out of reach or take a roll or pull toy so they can crawl towards them and learn some new ways to crawl. Choose an exciting toy that excites your little kiddo to walk after and make coordination and manual dexterity which are necessary to become a crawler. 

Here I present to you the list of toys which not only encourage them for crawling but also provide endless hours of entertainment. And also give them fantastic opportunities to explore new things about the world. 

Lovevery play tunnel:

This kids tunnel will encourage your kiddo towards crawling and strengthen their muscles and develop their motor and coordination skills. You can put the interesting toy on the other side of the tunnel and your kid will go for it and enjoy crawling through the tunnel and many parents believe that this is the best crawl tunnel. 

1) This tunnel is made from cotton and this is the huge advantage amongst the other tunnel which is made of polyester, because of cotton it is more breathable and also safe for delicate baby skin.

2) It uses organic material which is eco-friendly.

3) This tunnel is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere, and also roomy so you can put it in the room easily. 

Crawling play mat for kiddo:

This playmat will accompany your child in the first weeks of their crawling and it also helps them to reach the next milestone which is walking. This mat is more comfortable while playing and crawling and you can put your child into this for enjoying and developing their new skills. If your child is 6 or 9 months old this is very handy for all. 

This playing mat is a one-time investment and serves you for a long period of time and your child can do these activities on this mat.

  1. Tummy time, practising the balance to stand on their own. 
  2. Scooting or their belly and back.
  3. Twisting the body to reach the toys.
  4. Learn to crawl forward. 
  5.  It is safe and made with non-toxic material and also comfortable for little bones. 

Colourful bumpy ball:

This is the colourful toy that will help your child to focus and strengthen your child’s vision and also develop their eyesight. This ball has a bumpy size grasp which is made of different types of material and for little hands to hold, grab and throw.  

When this ball rolls it makes a gentle rattle sound which makes it more fun for children and develops their hearing power and also encourages them to shake and roll for more. This is also a great exercise for the little ones to roll the ball and move the path to catch it and when they get young this catching is more interesting while they will do it by walking. 

Playtoy rabbit racing car:

This toy is made of wood and is best for playing in tummy time, your kiddo will drag, push, or pull this car and follow this by crawling. You can give this to your crawler baby and inspire them to crawl, you push this toy and your baby will go for this and understand the coordination between their legs and hands that how they have to move them properly to move forward. 

As when their kid grows this racing car will help them to practice coordination and motor gross skills. This car will also develop their creativity and imagination. 

Leapfrog groove musical table:

This colourful toy has a lot of technical buttons to push, slide and roll. For every action, if it rolls or pushes this toy will play music, say letters or numbers which is a great step for toddlers towards their learning. 

The best thing about this educational toy is it can also be used without its legs, you can put this on the floor when your baby is not on their belly and when they start to sit and stand you can use the legs for your baby`s comforts and enjoy a playful time with this toy. 

This multi-functional toy will teach your child about the different colours, shape recognition and about language skills which are very important while they become toddlers and start going to school. Gives a better understanding of eye and hand coordination which is important for crawling too. 

Wooden Push and pull wagon:

This wooden push and pull wagon will offer many activities to your child. This is a great gift for your unassisted child. With the help of this, your kiddo can crawl and go to their favourite toys for play and take anything from anywhere and also by putting their hands on the handle and slowly crawl and reach the toys, this will help them to coordinate between their eyes, legs and hands and also develop their motor skills.

And when your child is ready and takes the first step of walking this will be the supporter for your child to walk and decrease the chances of direct fall and injury.

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