7 Best Skincare Products for your baby

There is a long list which you do with your baby is their daily lids to keep them healthy and fit. And that handful of necessities also includes nourishing your baby and keeping them well dressed while taking care of their skiing with the lotion and creams. 

Just like you need body lotions to fight the dryness, your baby too experiences dry skin. Brand new skin may be even more prone to dryness, water loss, irritation because it is thinner than the other adult`s skin. 

Now that we know why lotion is important, it is also important when to use the lotion on your baby’s skin.

The best time to use baby lotion on your baby’s skin is right after bath time to help them to lock the moisture and support the skin barrier. Doing so the same every day will also create soothing elements to your baby’s bedtime routine. 

Because the skin of the baby naturally is more delicate so you have to take care that the type of lotion you are choosing will not include any harsh ingredients or chemicals which can harm the skin of your baby. Just use simple lotions which do not have any fragrance which includes alcohol, because of alcohol your baby’s skin may be dry. 

Lotions are the thinnest and lightest types of moisturizers because they include more percentage of water, and water contains more oil than the lotions but then also it is easy to spread on the skin. 

Here is the list of the best body lotion for the baby`s skin that we have picked for you.

Aquaphor baby healing ointment:

 When you are trying to treat the infant dry skin, then it is best to use petroleum-based ointment. You are already familiar with the fragrance and preservative of the ointment, but this is especially for baby skin. This lotion contains petroleum which helps to protect the skin and has panthenol and glycerin which helps to moisturize and nourish the skin. It can be also used on the diaper areas and little cuts to protect that part from rashes. 

Aveeno baby eczema moisturizing cream:

 Eczema is a common condition in babies and shows red patches on the skin. There are lotions that are specially formulated with the ingredients to treat eczema. This Aveeno cream contains colloidal oatmeal which helps to reduce the redness and irritation on the skin. It also contains vitamin B5 that helps relieve the itchy skin and nourish them. 

California baby sensitive cream:

 This cream is made with elements that do not include any harsh, irritant chemical which leads your baby skin to allergies. And is entirely plant-based and makes the pricier one on the list. What this cream includes is glycerin and a natural humectant which helps to reduce itchiness and help to heal scratches and scrapes. Allantoin is also included which helps to nourish the skin and make it smooth. 

Mustela hydra baby lotion:

 The formula and ingredients contained in this Mustela lotion is mustard oil, vitamin E and F, sweet almond oil, glycerin and other natural things. Because it’s also free of skin irritants and leaves the skin with moisture and without the risk of redness and rash. 

Johnson’s bedtime baby lotion:

 The Johnson and johnson baby bedtime lotion scent is most familiar to us and the trustable brand which most parents use for their babies. It is clinically proven and helps to sleep babies thanks to an infusion of calming chamomile and lavender. Its main ingredient is glycerin which helps dry skin to nourish and give the moisture back. As it suggested it is the perfect lotion to use after the bath to help your baby to ease their bedtime routine. 

Dove sensitive baby moisturizer:

 This baby dove lotion is gently soft, tested and fragrance-free which makes it best for the infant baby skin. His lotion contains natural nutritions which helps the baby’s skin to retain the moisture throughout the whole day and night and is also suitable on eczema skins.it is free of harsh ingredients such as dyes, parabens and phthalates.  

Earth mama sweet orange baby body lotion:

 Parents love to use mama earth products because it contains all organic ingredients which are a lot safer than the chemical ones. All mama earth products are dermatologist tested and certified of their organic products, for those who love fragrances and scents than this orange lotion is perfect for them to nourish their baby’s skin with natural ingredients. 

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