Best educational toys for 3 years old children in India

Toys are the favourite and most loveable things for the child, they play with them and also learn new things and skills like; talking, imaging skill, coordinating, and this all things will affect your child in future. If you give him good learning and other skills that will be beneficial for your child as in this way the educational toys also play a vital role to provide basic skills and learning in the way of playing. 

The toys will keep your child engaged in playing and also teach them basic learning and in the way of puzzle games, how to solve the problem. And also with motor cars some motor skills.

Here we are with the list of plenty of kid toys that make learning fun and you can approach them for your child.  

Construction engineering building blocks:

 STEM( Which stands for the field of science, technology, engineering and maths) is where education comes today. And it’s never too early to start the foundation of learning for your child. 

In this set, your child will get the set to make 12 different types of toys plus limitless creation of their own design. It contains different sizes and shapes of blocks which helps them to construct the shape and other things like screws, nuts, plates, wheels, etc which helps your child to complete the structure by joining them.

Dinosaur takes apart toys:

This dinosaur toy will take your child to the prehistoric period and they will know that this type of creature was present in our historic period. This pack has 6 toys includes( Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Brontosaurus, and a Triceratops) which are pre-assembled and ready to play. The real beauty of this toy is that your child can take the toy apart and assemble it from the start, again and again, it has a total of 218 plastic pieces which is safe and comes with plastic screw drives to join the toy. 

The big sandbox excavator crane:

Bring this toy on the beach, sand or in your backyard, no matter where you use a crane your child will try to dig everything which they can reach and also they will enjoy riding this and increase their motor skills. The toy rotates at 360 degrees and reaches up to 33 inches, it has a solid digging job and which kid would not like to try that? The toy is suitable for the 3 years old child or more and for the child who holds 110 pounds of weight. 

Side ball play, tent and tunnels:

Need a toy for your toddler with whom your child can be busy for several hours? this ball pit might be the solution for that, it is portable and you can get this to the playground, backyard or on vacation. The children will enjoy crawling throughout the tunnels and also camping in the tents and assume as they are on the night out or doing a party, and also have a ball play section and basket to play basketball or any ball games.

Simba plush ride-on toy:

Lion kings fans are able and much creativity to create their own adventures jungle and have this plush Simba toy on that jungle. Naturally, it roars and also has an accelerator that little ones can use to gently move forward. It has a speed of 2.5 miles per hour so you can take eyes on your child while they are playing and also the speed is put after keeping the safety of the child in mind. And at the end of the Simba can be put in his jungle den which can be made with cardboard like a four-sided wall and also used as a hiding place for your child. 

Hug love Elmo toy

Most 3 years old children are excellent huggers, so why not let them practice their skills with this lovely toy. Love to hug Elmo. I can speak and English and lift his arms and ask for an embrace. I have soft feathery clothes which are suitable for a child when they hug. When kids put their arms around Elmo, he replies with kisses, songs and phrases. 

Top pizza oven toy:

This detailed pizza oven toy set comes with a pretend oven that stamps and spins the crust of the pizza, as well as the cheese grater and moulds for creating different types of topping to make the pizza look real. A pizza pan, cutter and stands also include assuming that they are running the real-life restaurant and show off their masterpiece skills. 

Jump o lene inflatable bouncer:

Instead of having them bounce off the walls with all that three years old energy, put them inside this and leave them to play whatever they want. It can be taken outside and best to put it in the playrooms, but it is not so big to cover the whole room. It measures, 69*68*44 inches, so it is big enough for a couple of little jumpers and holds up to 120 pounds. 

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