Best Food to feed your Baby

When it comes to feeding your baby, parents never want their baby to be ill or undernutrition at a small age, they only want their babies to be fit and active by doing all the activities and play with full energy. Experts agree that if you limit your baby to only a few foods in the first years, then it will disservice to your baby and it will harm the baby in other ways. You have to take different types of colours of food with different flavours and textures at their appropriate stage of age.

May take different types of fruits, vegetables and proteins which will fulfil your baby’s diet and get your kiddo to a great healthy start. Many children have different types of diets as per their parents’ preferences and they all are beneficial in some way to their babies, but today we are going to show you some foods which are better for the babies and great for their healthy health.

Breast milk
If you have a breastfeeding baby, and when you know that your little one is now ready to take the solid it does not mean that you should nurse them, but the doctors recommend that you should breastfeed your baby till 12 months with solid foods, this is healthy for both the kid and mom. The very best food for the baby is breast milk and you have to continue feeding until your doctor or nutritions says ok to stop.

Iron-rich cereals:
Baby is born with a natural supply of iron. But it will be depleted when the baby turns 6 months old, so it is compulsory to feed the food which is rich in iron. One that fits and is also affordable for every type of person is iron-fortified cereals. It does not have the traditional rice cereal but barley and oatmeal are also good options to feed.
Best for 4-6 months and older.

Avocados are the best food for your kiddos, they are the fats which the baby body needs and have a mild taste and smooth consistency for babies to swallow. It is also easy to prepare, mash it with breast milk and mix until it is pureed consistently.

Sweet potatoes:
There are no superfoods, but the sweet potatoes come closest according to sources. Sweet potatoes are full of nutrition vitamin-A which is essential for the growth of the baby, good vision and healthy skin. And these potatoes have a sweet taste and are soft so babies like their taste and are easy to eat for babies and the best way to full fill their nutritious requirements.

This is the best type of food to fulfil the requirement of your baby bodies like; protein, zinc, vitamins and fats. Just make it pureed and convert it into a soft smooth texture, even when the proper chopped milk will cause chokes sometimes, so keep the meat pureed with the breast milk until it is pureed or buy the jarred chopped meat for better convenience.
Best for 7-10 months child and older.

Plain milk yoghurt is also a rich source of proteins for babies. It also contains calcium and lives active cultures, which are beneficial for babies bones and help them to strengthen their bones and are easy to digest for babies.
Best for babies of 9 months and older.

Want to sweeten the bland of the baby with the touch of honey? The tummies of babies under age one simply cant deactivate the botulism spores so the honey will help that fit the babies. Avoid this type of food until your baby passes its first birthday.

Cow’s milk:
When a mother is not able to feed their baby the breast milk properly, then they take the help of cow’s milk to feed their baby and make them fully satisfied, but keep in mind the baby doesn’t have that much digestion so they can easily digest the milk of cow, that’s why specialist suggested cow’s milk when a child completes its 1 year.

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