Get your stubborn feed with these magical accessories

For any parents, if they are new or experienced, it is the most difficult task to feed their little ones. When a new baby is born you have to make a habit to make them breastfeed and also be consistent after 2 to 3 hours, in the early stage they didn`t adopt it so easily so you have to make efforts to make it routine in your baby’s life. 

Exactly same when your little one starting grow and have teeth, but in that time they only have a habit of taking liquid as food and their stubborn habit make it tougher for parents to make them feed, then you have to make semiliquids for them to make their diet and Tommy properly balanced, ad when their full teeth are shown then you started them to giving the liquid and solid both types of foods. 

In this full process of different stages you need different types of foods and use various techniques to make your baby’s tummy get full, but today we have some accessories which can make things easy for you to feed your baby with its special abilities. 

Here’s the list of some magical accessories which help you t feed your little one: 

Breast pumps accessories

It is best for newborn baby`s who are not able to breastfeed and are facing problems, so you can easily feed the mom`s milk to your little ones to keep them healthy. 

Trumom manual comfort baby breast milk breast pump

If your baby is not able to breastfeed the milk, it happens naturally between the age of 03 months baby because of many reasons, so many mothers use breast pumps to give the mom`s natural milk to their little ones. 

We have chosen this trumom breast pump for you because it has that quality which you and your baby require in this early stage. This pump has a manual pump from which you can suction the milk and has a 150 ml hygienic bottle in which you can store the milk. An indicator ring below indicates the temperature, if the ring is red then it is ideal to feed and if the colour is white then it is alert that the milk is still hot. 

The bottle is safe and hygienic 

You can wash them easily. 

The pump is completely pain-free and leaks free. 

So this is an ideal accessory to feed your little one when /he/she requires the most. 

Luvlap anti-colic slim baby feeding baby

After the breast pump when your baby is growing, they need some more nutrients and a source of food to make their diet balanced and tummy satisfied. At that time almost all of the parents need to feed cows or goats milk to their baby`s and that is not easily possible, you need some tool to make your baby feed easily. 

So we have included this Luv lap baby feeding accessory in our list because with the help of this bottle you can store the milk safely and also feed your baby from this spiral grooved nipple which is soft and not harmful for little gums. You can store up to 250 ml at a time and this bottle is 100% PP and BPA FREE. Buy this and let your baby be fed with satisfaction. 

Luvlap Silicone Food / Fruit Nibbler

This luvlap silicone food or fruit nibbler help parents to feed their babies semi-liquid food or fruit in small quantity. This is a tool similar to a teether in one that can be pieces or placed in structure semi-liquid material that your baby can make by themselves if they hold this small and attractive nibble. Easy to clean and disinfect when teething the quality makes it safer and more hygienic 

It has a colourful and attractive handle that keeps the baby entertained while feeding, keeps the food clean Provides oral stimulation and relief on the gums in addition to its protective cover, you can buy this at a very affordable price in the Amazon online shop. 

Phillips Avent Classic Cup with soft silicone rubber mouthpiece

As a young child, you have to get into the habit of holding the mug and feeding yourself. This soft silicone cup with a spout from Philips Avent is perfect for this. You can fill this 200 ml bottle with the liquid and put it in your baby’s hands for feeding. 

 Its two handles help your little one to grab the bottle and its lightweight makes it easier for the baby to hold the bottle for a long time. Made of durable plastic that lasts a long time, and its silicone nipples won’t hurt your little child’s gums. All parts of this bottle are washable, making this bottle safe for your baby.

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