Kids Bedding Sets, Room Accessories and More

When a newborn baby comes to a family the parents want everything best for their child and they want their child to be fit and healthy, and for making the child healthy you need to feed them properly and for being fit and active your baby needs proper sleep almost 10 to 15 per day.

To make the best sleep for your child you need to take care of some things which are;

  1. Choose a proper mattress that is comfortable and soft.
  2. Choose the right size of the mattress according to your child’s size.
  3. Use mosquito repellent so the child’s sleep will not interrupt due to the insects.
  4. Apply bed rail guards by which your child will not fall from the bed.
  5. Make them wear proper and comfortable clothes which will not irritate your baby while sleeping.

These are such accessories that need to be provided to your baby for proper and uninterrupted sleep.

We have picked some best accessories for your baby among the above categories:

Mosquito repellent:
Mosquito repellent will protect your baby from getting bitten by different types of insects while sleeping, and make them feel quiet and safe.

Mamaearth natural insect repellent for babies:

This mama earth natural insect is debt-free and made of natural essential oils like citronella, peppermint and lemon eucalyptus. You can apply this to your baby’s skiing before sleeping with your soft hands.

This mosquito repellent has a natural fragrance and does not include any toxic chemicals which irritate your baby and have problems like itching and harshing.

Bed rail guard:
While sleeping babies don’t know where they are moving and you have fear of falling from the bed, that we have a bed rail guard which you can apply to your bed corner as a wall that will protect your baby from falling from the bed.

Luvlap bed rail guard for baby:

This bed guard from the luvlap is made of lightweight and washable fabric. you can fold them easy to put in cupboards and any place after your baby wakes up. This rail guard has breathable fabric from which you can see your baby’s action clearly.

This rail guard protects your baby from falling off the bed and you can also adjust the height of this guard as per your convenience. This guard is compatible with all sizes of beds and its portable quality makes it easy for parents to move it to any place. It’s easy to dispatch and assemble uniqueness makes it a very popular accessory over the years.

Toddlers bed:
Toddlers need a separate bed where they can rest, sleep and play and feel comfortable. And we have the best for you.

Luvlap C50 wooden baby bed:

This luvlap wooden baby bed is ideal for your baby to rest, play and sleep. This cot is made of finished pine wood that is strong enough to withstand a load of up to 15 kg. can easily be converted into a cot.

This crib has a separate mosquito net that protects your baby from unwanted insects that sting your baby and does not include a mattress. It has four wheels that can rotate 360 ​​angles and you can bring it to any room in your home. This crib is 105.9 * 62 * 93 which is perfect for a toddler.

Baby Mattress:
To sleep better, you need to provide a soft and comfortable mattress that will allow your baby to fall asleep instantly and perfectly fulfil their nap.

NEWCOMERS bedding set for newborns:

This bedding set consists of 1 soft foam mattress, 1 piece of filling pillow, 2 pieces of padding, filled and covered with a cotton cloth and 1 piece of shaped mosquito net made of umbrellas. This is a complete set for a perfect nap for a baby. The materials are soft and their breathable cotton skin ensures a comfortable baby.

The design is attractive and the 2 pillows keep your baby on the mattress and protect it from slipping off the mattress. You can use the mattress with the crib and make it a softer bed for your baby. All PCs are washable and will serve your baby for a long time. You can purchase this from Amazon’s online site.

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