Toy Gifts for a 1 year Old’s Birthday

It is difficult to find toys for 1 year olds because at this age they are no longer babies and hardly any toddlers. There are many toy companies in the market that offer different types of toys for this toddler age group. The 1-year-old baby wants something to chew that is soft and also develops new things, but some toys have toxic or plastic parts, the danger of suffocation and are only suitable for children from 3 years of age to play with. You have to choose between them which is mild and the least toxic to your child. 

All of these things make it difficult for the 1-year-old to choose the right toy. But here are the things to consider when purchasing the toy for your little one, such as: 

 Toys have to be soft 

 Buy chew toys 

 Practical toys 

 Colourful toys attract little ones 

 Arrive to discover new things and growth, etc. 

To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of toys that are for you You can give your child a present for their first birthday or give it to your friend’s son and make him happy. 

 Unbreakable car toy set Toyshine

This car set is a child’s dream. We used to play with a lot and now your child can play with this colourful car set too. This set contains four toys: 1 tractor, 1 excavator, 1 cement mixer, 1 dump truck. Your child can envision this for real and do it at home without the supervision of mom and dad and this also encourages role play. 

The size of the 4 toys is almost the same, it is about 6.5 * 7 centimetres, which is useful for your little one, this set is made of non-toxic plastic, which is unbreakable and will serve your child for many years. over 12 months. 

 Whiskey Bathtub Toy Set for Babies

Bathing your little one is the toughest job but now this whiskey bathtub toy set can be fun and make bath time a pleasant moment. The set includes starfish, goldfish, kelpfish, octopus, crabs, sea lions, teddy bears, rabbits, squirrel frogs, ducks, chicks, all of these toys are beautiful colourful toys and can swim on the water. 

Fill the bathtub with water and put these toys in the bathtub with your child for fun. When your child squeezes these toys, they make a nice sound that makes them happy while bathing. Made from high-quality vinyl material and has spherical edges to prevent your child from drowning. 

 Om mart floor puzzle alphanumeric tile play mat

This high-quality Babytintin mat consists of 26 AtoZ alphabet parts and also has 1 to 10 numbers, which give your little one some basic knowledge before going to school. The padded base ensures a soft grip and the 36 letters can be removed and held in the hand. 

This set comes with colourful letters that attract people and the smooth bottom prevents your child from getting hurt. It’s waterproof and easy to scrub with the soft cotton cloth and you can take it outside as it’s easy to keep your child busy. while having fun with your family. 

 Salon Plastic Friction Motor Car, Helicopter and Train Set

These toys will make your child happiest when you give them to them for their first birthday. This set consists of 1 car, 1 helicopter, 1 aeroplane and 1 multiple units. All of these toys are made of non-toxic material that your child can play with freely. ABS plastic gives this toy the power to serve your child for great fun for a long time. 

The size of the products is 14 * 6 * 18 centimetres and the whole toy is different bright colours that will attract your little one`s attention and make them imaginative and happy while they have fun with these amazing colourful toys. 

 MWT TOYS cute battery operated dance toy

At this age, children are drawn to sounds and colours and this MWT toy has both. Run and when you start it it will reflect the 3D lights and sounds that you enjoy the most and that you have heard for the maximum amount of time. 

 When light is reflected, it enhances your child’s visionary skills and increases your child’s curiosity about what it is about. Made of high-quality plastic and is also non-toxic for your little kid.

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