When can the baby start playing with toys?

You have a newborn baby. And you dont know when does baby plays?
Your routine is to eat, sleep, diaper change, and repeat? These you have to do daily. now you are wondering when do babies play and with what. Mom always wants her baby to be active and play with the toys. But if you are a new baby mother it is a little tricky for you to handle this situation. Babies this age spend more time awake and become more interested in their surroundings. They are getting physically more active and better able to coordinate movements. Cheer the learning process by talking to your tiny one, reacting to his or her voiced expressions, and providing colorful age-appropriate toys.

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Play develops differently in every baby and most kids develop an interest in different types of toys. You may also notice that your tiny one will grasp their miniature fingers around anything that’s placed in or near their hands. This could be your finger, your hair, or earring or jewelry. That grip can be vice-like and hard to break.

Our newborns didn’t have any interest in playthings, their eyesight isn’t that good at first. Once your baby’s sight develops they’ll have better insights into colors and shapes. It’s around 2 months that a baby will start taking things and picking them. Things then progress from there, but from there it will start improvement till the 3 months apart from taking an interest in things that are brightly colored and make sounds. I wouldn’t say you would need anything too exciting or difficult. Something that’s bright and makes noises and sounds possibly. You need very few toys at the beginning later you can add them.

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