Planning to gift a toy to 3 year child?

At the age of three, the gifts are changes from the sets which you have to offer your child at the age of 1-2 years, now they have the language to speak and express their self and interest that which gift they like and want to play with and they are more excited about the gift but that will not negate the thrill of a good surprise. The idea of receiving a gift is more exciting for them, not necessarily the gift. 

Three years old children are ready to play with imaginative gameplay. Toys and costumes allow them for creative and role-playing and board games which foster their group interaction at the age of 3 years and also develop their social skills. And some children are also to play with riders and skates which reward them as physical growing confidence. 

We have included the gift which will improve different types of skills and their physical health and we choose memory-making gifts that will go the best for your 3 years old child. 

Here’s the list of our best-picked gifts for your 3 years child which you can give to your child for play on their birthday`s to surprise them:

Pattern play:

Bugzzle is an essential and early STEM toy that provides a soft introduction to fractions to your child. Buzzle includes one bug frame, 18 semicircular plastic pieces, and 40 cards with increasingly difficult patterns to recreate inside the bug. Your little child will enjoy creating their own design and coordinating the pieces into one solid colour. Your child will develop their problem-solving skills and continue playing with toys hereby they will solve the puzzle. 

Count your chicken:

A cooperative board game, during which players will look towards the common goal instead of competing with each other, is ideal for 3 years who are learning to follow the directions and developing to work with the group. In this game, the team is trying to back the mother hen`s chicks back to the coop. This game is simple to play and depends on fast counting and also learning the counts of the numbers and there are other board games which you can give to your child. 

Dot art rainbow makers:

It’s the other best gift from which you can surprise your child. This set contains the little colour stitch which is easy to grip for the little hands and the colours are vibrant enough to look bright on the cardboard and on regular paper. While playing with this colour set they can favour their painting skills with less mess and effort. You can also give them plastic scissors and glue by which they can also stick their painting and be busy for a long time.

Magnatab AtoZ uppercase:

At the age of 3, some children will try to grab the pencil and try to form the alphabetic letters, so this magnet writing board is an early handwriting tool that is addictive and fun for the child. They use the thick magnetic pencil to trace letters, pulling the tiny metal balls into their place. The directional arrows will show little ones where to start the letters and end them, and these balls are encased so they cannot be fallout or lost. With this, they will learn new alphabets and writing skills. 

Discovery giant box:

 Your kid will love to open this giant box, which is packed with the different 16 projects and varieties of supplies and instructions inside the box. They can make their own imaginative creations while using tissue paper, crayons, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, dough, puppets, collages and pictures. I like the shape of the creature and instructions which makes it easy to recreate the objects and makes the fun last even longer. 

Little play tents:

 These colourful polyester tents offer long-lasting fun at a reasonable price. Your child will use this tent as a place for hide-n-seek or playing peekaboo behind the curtains. Your little one can use these tents to store their toys or make this tent as their private place and it is very durable and strong and at least lasts up to 5 years in which your kid will fully enjoy this as their own place and play whatever they want.

Double-sided tabletop slate:

 This board is made up of wood on which one side is for writing with chalk called chalkboard and the other side is magnetic dry erase board. This set includes 50 feet of paper for drawing and painting, five sticks of coloured chalk, a dry erase marker and felt eraser and 36 numbers and letters which you can store on the wooden base tray to keep them safe from being lost. Your kid will write anything and erase them and it will last longer for years. 

Junior power tool workshop:

 A play kitchen set is all about encouraging imaginative play and social development skills. Buy your little ones this power toolset and let them collect the accessories with their small hands such as nuts, screws, and bolts and put them into their toolbox. And with this set, there is a mitre saw and drill, which feels realistic and emit battery-powered sound. The entire set includes more than 50 parts which include a flashlight, mobile and other accessories which will let your child fall in love with this game and imagine her/himself as a real mechanic and repair your home. 

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