Top 5 Infant Clothing Online in India

When a new baby is born in any family they are so happy and excited to do everything for that baby and try to make protective care for that baby in every possible way because the baby is the precious gift you will ever get. The way they choose eating, cosmetics and also wearing products they just want the best for their baby. 

When it comes to choosing to clothe for the baby you make sure that the baby will be comfortable and safe in the outfit. You also want the baby to have the style and comfort in the piece of cloth you wear them. 

 If you are thinking to buy cloth then please keep these things in mind to buy the best for your baby, so your baby feels comfortable and also free to play:

1) fabric

2) brand

3) safety

4) size

5) style and functionality

6) quality not the cost.

So we are making things easy for you to choose, we have listed some clothes which are must need for the newborn babies:

1 baby on board bodysuit:

In India, it is almost hot on most days of the year, so here people prefer to choose half sleeves and free clothes and prefer for babies too. Babies are not very interested in wearing clothes, they just want themselves to be free to move and play, so this bodysuit is the most preferable cloth for newborns. When parents use diapers they are just safe in these buckles and they have no chance to remove them. These bodysuits are easy to wear and also easy to take off so you can do it quickly and the baby also doesn’t feel suffocated. 

2 inner wears for children:

These are the most used clothes for the baby boy and baby girl. You can have double protection for your baby by wearing this to your baby. In this baby have not to wear the t-shirt or anything they can freely go or play with while wearing this.

Advantages or specification of this innerwear;

You can wash this in the washing machine with warm water

Round neck and wide inbuilt strap Ideal for kids to wear up to 2 to 5 years old Made from high-quality stretchable material to ensure the comfort

3 hooded wrapper sleeping bags:

In the time of winter when it is cold outside this is the best way to wrap your baby and make your baby feel warm and comfortable and have a good sleep in this soft cloth bag. 

This bag is fluffy and gentle on baby skin.

 Simply washable with hands and machine both.

 Also, have a hood that keeps the baby head warm and safe from the winds and dust pollution. Have velcro tape which covers the baby completely and gives a grip to the parent to hold the baby properly.

Very easy to baby wrap in and keep them safe, warm and happy.

4 dungaree for boys and girls:

This type of clothes parents uses to wear their children on occasions like birthdays of friends and other family occasions, etc. Some also prefer this type of clothes in daily life. Such clothes have cartoon prints on the front or backside and are attached with the bottoms and available in full and half sleeves.

Comes with soft and light material which is stretchable and has no back stickers, so the kids aren’t irritated.

Wash with hands and machine gently and dark colours wash separately.

Comes with 100% cotton material so the child feels free and light.

5 baby printed night suits:

These printed pyjamas are the perfect wear for a child at night. This comfortable unisex sleepwear comes nightshirt and pyjama which is fully comfortable and skin-friendly with your baby`s skin makes your baby feel cosy and hassle-free. This nightshirt has a front closure which makes it easy for a child to wear and comes with elasticated pyjamas. Highly recommended for baby girls and boys because of its soft cotton material which is durable as well. Wash gently so it will last long.

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