Top 5 products to groom your baby in India

When a new baby is born it is a very delightful moment for their parents as well as for their relatives, they all want the baby to be healthy and clean as they are not affected by any type of disease. So as now for a new mom, you have lots of questions about baby grooming, and you might be stressed due to the delicate body of the baby and it is quite normal.

It is a little bit difficult to groom your baby from his/her head to toe and for that, you need to arm yourself with the right equipment. Baby grooming includes hair trimming, giving your baby bath, nail trimming, cleaning their nose and ear and other things. 

Now therefore while buying the grooming products for your baby you need to do a lot of research and find the best for your baby, and grooming your baby will give you a happy baby at all times and make you and your baby comfortable whole day. 

So for you, we have researched the best products for your baby, but before that, you need to know why cleaning and grooming your baby is important.

  • Trimming your baby nails will help to keep your baby safe from scratching their pretty face and long nails are also like the home for germs. Long nails will make it difficult to clean the finger of your baby properly.
  • Grooming your baby will also help them to keep clean and comfortable, and no one would like to help you if he/she leaks odour due to the lack of cleanliness, grooming will also keep your baby skin free from itching and other bacteria.
  • Washing your baby’s hair will make their hair clean and brushing will help to disentangle his tangled hair.
  • Grooming your child from the day of birth will enable him to learn the importance of looking neat all the time, and he will do it on his own when the time comes. 

Mamaearth complete baby care kit:

You should never compromise on the quality of the products when it comes to the care of your babies, you always want the product you choose will have clinically tested, quality checked and ensured products. 

 This mama earth product comes with the full package which your baby needs. It contains baby lotion, shampoo, body wash, mosquito repellent and sunscreen which protects the skin of the baby properly. 

1)This is Asia`s first product that is toxic-free certified. 

2)This product is made with 100% natural ingredients so you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals which will harm your baby’s skin. 

3) It comes with a carry bag to store these products together. 

Chicco brush and combo:

 If you are looking to purchase a brush and combo set and this Chicco set will be suitable for your baby, this soft brush will gently clean your baby’s hair and tangles his all detangle hair easily. 

This brush comes with soft bristles which will clean the hair of your little one by not injuring his soft scalp. With this set, your baby will enjoy the grooming instead of crying as most of the children do. 

This brush comes with a long handle that will help you to grip the handle and not make it slippery from your hand and injure your child.

  1. Has a large handle for excellent grip.
  2. Has soft natural hair bristles which will not harm your baby’s scalp
  3. Has capped comb teeth to be gentle on your baby’s soft scalp.

Infant and toddler grooming kit:

 If you are looking for the manicure set for your baby then this is the set you can go with, the kit has a nail file that won’t shred kids nails or hurt their skin.

This kit has an Ergonomic nail clipper and plastic scissors. The features make it easy to manoeuvre your baby without hurting him/her. These tools are designed for comfort and precise grooming.  

It also includes a  nasal aspirator which will help you to remove dirt from your baby’s nose and make them breathe with ease. The scissors allow you to trim the nails of the baby very comfortably. 

  1. Comes with enough tools to groom your baby
  2. Has an ergonomic nail clipper that helps you to trim the baby nails without any risk.
  3. The tools are made with high-quality plastic and metal which is very durable. 

Baby manicure set:

This baby kit will help to cut the nails of the fingers and toes of your newborn babies. It consists of nail clippers, scissors, tweezers and a file

These tools will make your work easy to groom your baby and now you don’t have to freeze with fear when it comes to grooming your baby, because it is made up of high-quality plastic and stainless steel. 

The scissors have rounded tips to trim your baby nails with ease, the nail clippers on the other hand will help you to cut the baby nail effortlessly. 

The file will help you to smoothen after cutting their nails, while tweezers will help you to clean any dirt from the nose and mouth. 

  1. Has sharp blades to cut the nails effortlessly, but careful the baby won’t take it in hands.
  2. Come with the perfect size enabling you to use it with ease.
  3. All tools have capes to make them dust-free.

Flick in baby grooming kit:

This baby groom kit will provide you with almost everything to groom your baby perfectly, it contains nail clippers, baby scissor, tweezer, nasal aspirator, thermometer, dropper feeder, infant comb, and a hairbrush, so you won’t have to search for each separately you will find everything here in these one health kit. 

All tools are lightweight so you can carry them while travelling or on a vacation trip and small so you can put them in a handbag.

 These tools are easy to use so you never experience any problems while using them, and all 8 tools have their different functions which will make your baby perfectly groomed. 

  1. The nail clippers have a secure design to trim your baby nails with ease.
  2. Has a soft dropper feeder which is made of rubber to feed your baby and not harming himself.
  3. Comes with a thermometer which will help you to keep your baby away from danger and you can also keep track of the temperature of your baby.

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